Activate 9Mobile Magic Sim For Unlimited Browsing & Downloads

Today I am sharing with you guys how to activate unlimited free browsing on your SIM. The Sim will be hacked to browse unlimitedly, download unlimitedly, watch live tv, YouTube and other livestreaming. It works with all browsing devices, Laptop/Desktop, Tablet, Android, iPhone, iPad, and all Others. No hidden charges! You can load and make calls with the Sim with high speed internet speed. Most of Hackers will Request money before you can get this information.

It is similar to MTN Magic SIM Trick , it can do unlike the mtn magic sim. You might have come across this trick on the internet but I sincerely doubt if any web page is currently offering it out for free rather they are charging for it (Well, how else can they get money benefits from their research) but on this blog today, am gonna give it out for free as usual.

Now let’s head on to the business of the day

These VPN has the tendency to work on your current sim but if doesn’t work don’t worry just get a new one with the starting numbers been (0908;0817;0818 and 0909)

Note don’t register the newly acquired Sims or do a recharge on them, with that said let’s roll to the magic settings!

Go-to your APN settings and configure it below

    APN Name: Jackobian
    Port: 8080

Now click on save

If you notice some network speed glitch then restore the APN back to default

Open the Ultrasurf VPN app and click connect the app also works on a PC, Mac and an Android device with no further settings required

Ultrasurf VPN unlimited browsing on the network

Download the VPN here >>
Ultrasurf (beta) – Unlimited Free VPN Proxy – Android Apps on Google Play

For Windows >> UltraSurf

Install and open the VPN app

Click on the 3dots at the right hand side of the app

When it opens, Click on proxy

Now select “Http proxy: must support Https (connect)”

Remember proxy address:
Port: 8080
Username: blank
Password: blank

If you experience instability then select (no proxy)

Now go back to the app and hit the connect button and experience maximum speed the VPN has to offer!

Note : tweak Still under development, will keep updating you guys as soon as there is any lastest update.

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