EP: Dakshood – Off Room

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Dakshood (닥스후드) – OFF ROOM – EP
Released: 2018-09-15
Genre: Rap / Hip-hop

1. HONEY BABY (Feat. Taylor, Lijah Lu, Woodie Gochild)
2. SMOKE YOU (Feat. Coogie, Ted Park, Jito Mo)
3. LICK0525
4. GAME THEORY (Feat. Tommy Strate, nafla, The Quiett, Kid Milli, Lil Cherry)
5. ADDICT (Feat. Ja Mezz, Dbo, Lil Cherry)
6. 구름과자 (Feat. OLNL, Jito Mo, Verbal Jint)
7. 그림 (Feat. Tommy Strate, Coogie, NO:EL)


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